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Igniting the world for Christ... one life at at time!

Our Church Leadership and Staff

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Rev. Leslie Rutland-Tipton (COHSS)

Rev. Leslie Rutland-Tipton

Senior Pastor

Pastor Les joined COHSS in September of 2000 after moving to South Florida. It was then that she realized her calling to be an ordained minister, and began serving the church as a deacon and pastoral candidate. After ten years of service in the USMC and another ten in non-profit work, Pastor Les was ordained a minister in the Christian faith on May 27, 2007.

She is currently working on her Master of Divinity at Grand Canyon University. She met her wife, Sandee, at the church in January of 2009, and they live together with their many furry and feathered companions.

Dr. Mike Smith (COHSS)

Dr. Mike Smith


Dr. Mike became a Christian in 1999, despite being raised Catholic his entire life. It makes sense though, considering Mike thought Grace was a woman for most of his childhood. Interestingly, Mike began his new life as a Christian by becoming addicted to crystal meth. That's right, a new Christian became addicted to drugs. And that is life. But in the darkness, God continued to talk to Mike, to call him closer, and help him to step into his new life through Jesus Christ.

Today, Mike teaches, councils, and ministers to the church and to the community, always bringing a message of hope within the Gospel of love.

His dog Edy is learning how to use the microwave, and once she does, Mike will be kicked out of the house. So he's preparing for a move.

Diane Simeoni (COHSS)

Diane Simeoni


Diane and her wife, Ann, joined COHSS in November of 2011. They were previously and independently, members of another church but felt the desire to worship openly as a couple. One visit to COHSS with it's warm and inviting people was all it took to make the transition.

Diane was ordained as an elder in February of 2017 after serving in leadership at COHSS as a deacon.

Besides her wife, Diane shares a house with 10 (ten!) furry four legged children. Their two legged child is off at college.

Shawn Thomas (COHSS)

Shawn Thomas

Worship Ministry Coordinator

Shawn joined the COHSS family in January, 2016 after 13 years of full-time travel in music ministry. He and his partner of 10 years, Brian Ladd, live in Boynton Beach where their pug, Zoe, allows them to share space.

You can learn more about Shawn's ministry at, as well as tune in to hear him host programs, interviews, and reviews on

In addition to leading worship at COHSS and continuing to tour and record, Shawn works for The Evangelical Network (TEN) as their Project Manager.

Board of Directors

President - Rev. Leslie Tipton

Vice President - Stephanie Key

Treasurer - Robert Toney

Secretary - Donna Wallace

Pastoral Candidate - Audrey Demuth

Pastor Emeriti

Rev. Deanna Jaworski (founding pastor) and Rev. Tom Millner